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 Feature Laboratories

       To support instruction and research, the department has Multi-Media Computer Lab, RFID &  Plant Monitoring Lab, Quality Control Lab, Facility Planning Lab, Production Management Lab, Human Factors & Innovation Lab, and Automation Lab. Each year, the department budgets the procurement of the required equipment to augment laboratories. Facilities in the other departments are also available as supplement.  

Production Management Lab

Quality Management Lab

Facility Planning Lab

Collaborative Management Lab

Service Process & Quality Improvement Lab

Automation Lab

Human Factors & Innovation  Lab

RFID & Plant Monitoring Lab


      All laboratories in the department are equipped with sufficient apparatus based on the possible minimum group size to maximize learner interest and experiment results. As IEM graduates usually take on employments in various industries, the department does not intentionally purchase equipments for a particular industry or superior gears for a certain trade. Rather, IEM insists on quality industry instruments that are commonly used and renew them as needed. To enrich instruction, the laboratories are configured with over-head projectors, computers, LCD projectors and other multi-media instructional devices. The grouping of personal computers and campus network allows IEM to provide the students a comprehensive multi-media learning environment.