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Development and Feature

    The educational goal of this department is to foster competent manpower with adequate knowledge and skills in industrial engineering and management. Graduates of the Department are expected to be able to effectively integrate resources in engineering, management, and information systems, so they can contribute to quality and productivity improvement through computerization and automation. This vision grounds on the following features:
  1. There are many small and mid-sized manufacturers in central Taiwan, and the majority lacks sound management setup. In consideration of the industry needs and to be consistent with the government policies of industry upgrading, automation and computerization, the department focuses its curriculum on the development of skills in management construction and computerized management.
  2. Stressing the importance of applying theories into practice, field visits to industry are required for all core courses. Through practical case study, students improve their abilities of industry diagnosis, critical analysis, problem solving, and presentation.
  3. Life and work ethics are emphasized all the time, in the hope that the students will become capable professionals with proper understanding and appreciation for humanities.
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